HIIT Workout with functional movements from Reality Based Self-defense and ring sports

No belts & uniforms,
No bells & whistles,
No magic: 
Just knowledge, meaningful drills and hard training!
Complete body workout, so you’ll feel it in your core, arms, legs, glutes and back.

A survey conducted by Men’s Health Journal found that participants love boot camps as they blend HIIT, weight loss and functional training into one activity.

HIIT involves short bursts of intense exercise alternated with low intensity recovery periods. It is the most time-efficient way to exercise.
The movements in this specialized workout are derived from martial arts training and ring sports like boxing and kickboxing: 
– Learn self-defense from the ground up, learn to fall and recover as well as ground mobility movements
– Learn breathing and movements to improve muscle tone and cardiovascular health, increase flexibility and cultivate a relaxed calm awareness
– Learn movements and drills for better balance, coordination and strength that can develop the body of an athlete
– Learn to recognize and deter violence
– Learn simple and effective tools and techniques for practical self-defense
– Lose weight or just get fit, join us today!

When: November 6-December 18 (no class 11/27): Mondays 6:45-7:30pm

Where: ICDT! 194 Diablo Rd, Danville, Studio C

What: Session of 6 self defense classes including a tshirt, $295

How: To register, please email the filled out form below to info@abkdan.com

Here’s what people are saying about their training:

Dave: Absolutely the best training by Master Lerma who delivers over 30 years of practical and formal training to each lesson. He is calm, patient, and truly listens to his students teaching them in the way they learn best.
I have the privilege of being his student that started in February 2023 with uninterrupted 1 hour session per week. Master Lerma’s training has advanced me with knowledge of the Art, the purpose for each technique, and its history.
But it doesn’t stop there, through Master Lerma’s coaching and inspiration, I have lost 27 pounds and I have increased my body definition!
You’ll find it is fun to have him coaching you, builds confidence to managing potential encounters in today’s uncertain social climates, and has excellent physical fitness and health benefits!
It is with my sincere and most humble pleasure to highly recommend Master Lerma’s program for all ages, even beyond my age of 67 years old!

Rafal: A year ago I enrolled as one of the first students of the new RBSD program, which is a self-defense system designed and constantly developed by Master Lerma. Although we live abroad now, I have regular online classes and continue my journey with martial arts. The RBSD is a very practical system that allows one to feel confident in most of the real life situations. The idea of sets of basic eights helps memorize and establish proper reflexes to respond immediately to various threats no matter if they come from someone, who practices popular martial arts like kick boxing, BJJ, MMA, karate or someone who is simply experienced in street fights. Master Lerma proposes new drills regularly and changes the focus of our private classes so that, I can stay engaged, have fun and grow my skills. I fully recommend their school, ABK classes for kids and youths, and the RBSD system for adults.