American Budo Kwan Kai (Association)

The ABKK is the organization responsible for the dissemination of curriculum, skill testing, rank certification and instructor training in the Art of American Budo Kwan.

The American Budo Kwan Association began to take shape in 1998 as the Korean American Martial arts Association, honoring the heritage and values of the traditional martial arts while embracing the evolution, change and diversity our global society dictates.

The Martial Art was to be formed out of necessity. As a teacher with a school full of students, left without a master or governing body, I sought martial knowledge from a variety of sources. Once Okinawa was the epicenter for transmission of Asian Martial Arts, similarly in the 1900’s Hawaii became a melting pot for eclectic Martial Arts. Living in the San Francisco Bay Area in the new millennium has had the same geographic effect of the formation of American Budo Kwan. Pacific rim fusion and transmission of the martial arts has created another Martial arts melting pot. Hawaii, The Philippines, Okinawa, Korea, Japan, China and Brazil have all made cultural, philosophical and technical contributions in the formation of American Budo Kwan.