Tai Chi is an ancient Martial art, practiced daily by people all over the world. Tai Chi can be described as moving meditation, slow motion, low-impact mind-body practice. It is an art of how to gently and continuously change, grow and avoid stagnation. Daily practice of Tai Chi offers a proven approach to lifelong dynamic health rooted in the cultivation of Qi.


self awareness – better body awareness

intention – visualization

structural integrations – using the left and right side of the body as well as the top and bottom half simultaneously throughout the movements

active relaxation – standing and gentle circular movement, alternating moderate effort with active relaxation

strength and flexibility – slow, continuous, relaxed movements that provide dynamic stretching, which increases range of motion and flexibility

natural, free breathing – deeper breathing provides more oxygen to the body, which results in improved physical performance and a balanced, relaxed state

social support – practicing with an instructor and group of people, belonging to the tai chi community of practitioners

embodied spirituality – integrating body, mind and spirit, Tai Chi is rooted in Taoist philosophy which aims for humans living in harmony with nature. It teaches adaptability and resilience, which helps with managing stress and recovering from adversity and trauma.

Daily Practice leads to improved Posture, Balance, Core Strength, Circulation, Flexibility, Attention, Concentration, Mood

Practicing Tai Chi benefits adults of any age, including variety of sports practitioners, athletes, martial artists. It realigns the body and relieves the muscles and tendons from the stress of heavy use, while teaching more efficient and sustainable internal movement.

Winter 2024: April 6-May 14 Private Lesson Availability:
Tuesdays 4:30-5:15pm, Thursdays 4:15-5pm, 5:15-6pm

Membership levels:

Individual Private lessons 45 minutes, $60

Monthly package of 8 private lessons (in person or online) + access to online videos: $360

Monthly package of 4 private lessons (in person or online) + access to online videos: $220

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