See what students and parents are saying about their experience training at our Martial Arts Academy.

“Dear Lermas,

Both of you have been like my parents. When I get my report card, I know that you want to see it no matter what grade I have. Every time I get lower than 3.0 I dread going to the office, but I know that you are doing it for the better.

I have gained so much confidence through your program. I never thought that I would ever break a one inch board with a hook kick or even become a red/black belt. I never thought in my life I would walk into such a positive community everyday and have kids running up to me.

ABK is a place where I can go to and bow into another world, solve problems and have a lot of fun. It is a place that keeps me going everyday. I have made a lot of friends and memories that I will cherish forever.

You have taught me the discipline of Tae Kwon Do: respect, loyalty, courage, commitment, that the mind controls the body.”

— J. M.

“Our son was born with some minor learning and physical disabilities, including low muscle tone and weak gross motor skills. We always felt he could benefit from a self-defense class, but were always unsure about when to start him. We can assuredly state that your class has been extremely beneficial for our son. Aside from the obvious physical growth and improved coordination, his self-esteem, confidence, work ethic and even grades have improved immensely.”

— T.D.

“My son and daughter are in karate at ABK. Karate at ABK has been especially helpfun to my son, who started in the A to Z program at age 4 and is currently a brown belt at age 7 1/2. He loves Master Lerma!

As someone who is a life-long participant in organized sports, I realized early the benefits of Karate with respect of athletics. But the most important element I see is discipline. Whereas other sports are seasonal and taught by volunteers, karate is a way of life that teaches respect and focus, both which require a large dose of discipline. I asked my son and daughter what was most important about karate, and they both said discipline. My son’s exact words regarding discipline were “ karate is a very focused sport”.

My son is the boy in second grade who can’t stay in his seat.

The disciplined environment is key, where consequences are immediate and non-negotiable, where he must fit in with the rest of the class and not deviate from instruction. Most important, an environment where he must focus on the task at hand even though he has other things on his mind. These are the things that karate provides, and the things that will serve him well the rest of his life. ”

— P.VL.

“My 7 year old son has been taking classes at ABK for the last two years. My son also has Autism. I have found the curriculum and philosophy at ABK to be very beneficial for my son’s physical and behavioral needs. My son has a better sense of self control and discipline which has benefited him not only at school, but at other aspects of his life. I am confident that any parent who has a child with special needs would tremendously benefit from attending classes at ABK. Master Tony Lerma has been a great inspiration and positive role model for my son and daugter. ”

“Our son has autism. He has been participating in Master Lerma’s program at America’s Best Karate for one and a half years now. The program has been absolutely terrific for him. In Master Lerma’s A to Z program for beginning children, our son immediately began working on memory, sequencing, planning, gross motor, core strength, pragmatics (rules and turn-taking), impulse control, and even academics. When graduating to the Tae Kwon Do program, his progress continued. The program motivated him tremendously, and while difficult, the earning of his first colored belt was and remains one of his biggest points of pride in his life. Ultimately, it has really helped his self-esteem, in a way that none of the other therapies has. ”

— T.G.

“Dear Master Lerma,

I want to take a moment to thank you for all the time and effort you have devoted to our daugter. We brought her almost two years ago, a shy and very withdrawn 4 1/2 year old child. During the fourteen months she studied in your A to Z class, my husband and I watched as you patiently helped her to learn and master various moves. As a result of your patience and mentoring over the last two years, she has developed a measure of confidence that shows not only in her Karate, but also in her school work where she is an above average student. Thank you again for working with my husband and I to help our daughter develop into her full potential. We consider you a co-partner in her development, and look forward to many, many years working together. ”