The Self Defense class is designed for anyone who would like to learn basic and practical self defense techniques.   The class focus is to improve awareness and teach the defensive skills required to protect oneself in such situations.  The class content is designed based on the group: men, women, girl scouts, etc.  Basic conditioning and flexibility training for the martial arts practitioner are incorporated in the curriculum. 

The following is the class outline:

1.  Preventable crime and personal safety. 

2.  Physiological and Psychological stress. 

3.  Physical Attacks and Defensive Techniques. 

4.  Defensive Techniques Details. 

5.  Drills. 

Please, call 925-838-3820 or email for availability and details with your specific dates.  The class can be taught as private lessons, 30 min. each or one 2 hour class, depending on number of participants and availability. 

Note: We offer special pricing for Scout Troops!

Private Lesson Pricing:

30 minutes $65

45 minutes $90

60 minutes $110

Contact us for group lesson rates or packages of monthly private lessons.