Master Anthony Lerma, Owner, Master Instructor, Founder of Karate A to Z and American Budo Kwan

Owner and Master instructor at America’s Best Karate of Danville.  He has been teaching Martial Arts for nearly three decades , founder of American Budo Kwan, holds 7th Dan Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, 4th Dan in Hapkido and 1st Dan in Aikido.  His formal education is in the field of Criminal Justice.  Achieved an Honor Graduate status of the USAF Police Academy where he graduated first in his class.  He started his Tae Kwon Do training in 1981 under Master Myong Mayes, now the highest ranking female Tae Kwon Do Master in the world. 

Trained in the following Martial Arts:  Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, Jujitsu, Aikido, WuShu, Kali, Okinawan Kobudo and Tai Chi. 

His list of instructors include:  Grand Master Myong Mayes, Master George Chung, Master Anthony Chan, Sensei Scott Berg, Grand Master Kambiz Moghaddam, Master Dan Amador, Sifu Yi Ting Lee. 

He has appeared in demonstrations and public events including:  San Francisco 49ers half time shows, San Jose Clash soccer games, San Francisco Spiders ice hockey games. 

Some of his interests include: history, anthropology, ancient and modern world cultures, gardening, kayaking, travel and photography. 

He believes his greatest contribution to the arts is teaching young people self respect and self accountability. His source of inspiration are his family and students. 

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Seta Lerma, Program Director, Tai Chi Instructor

Mrs. Lerma joined Mr. Lerma at America’s Best Karate in 2005 as the Program Director, overseeing the organization, planning and actively participating in the progress and development of the ABK community.

American Budo Kwan student since September of 2005, currently holding an Il Dan Black Belt. Mrs. Lerma started studying Tai Chi (Liu He Ba Fa Style) in 2005 under Mrs. Yi Ting Pei and was advanced to Tai Chi Instructor in 2017 when she started a formal class at America’s Best Karate. 

Seta Lerma is involved in the arts and currently her focus is on abstract art (3 dimensional impermanent art, painting, photography and design, fiber arts).  Her interests include art and history, languages, travel, holistic nutrition, gardening, self care and moving meditation. 

Ms. Jenna Mulvey, American Budo Kwan and Karate A to Z Instructor 

Ms. Mulvey started training at America’s Best Karate in 2004.  In 2010 she received her first-degree black belt and began teaching in 2012. 
In 2018 she obtained her Associate Teacher Certification from Diablo Valley College and transferred to Cal Poly Humboldt. That same year she earned her current rank, Third-degree Blackbelt at ABK, and started training in Aikido.  During the time she lived in Humboldt, Ms. Mulvey continued her training at ABK, in Aikido and taught martial arts programs at the local recreation center. 

Jenna received her Bachelor’s degree in Child Development in 2021. 
Ms. Mulvey enjoys cooking, hiking, photography and spending time with close family and friends.