Our system fulfills the 6 Basic Human Needs:  to fit in, to stand out, the need of certainty, the need for variety, the need for growth and acknowledgement and the need for contribution. 

Our classes are divided by age group and skill level (belt rank), which gives students a sense of belonging, helps them form bonds with instructors and fellow students.  

Our students are given the opportunity to be noticed or stand out during class, as well as during special events and testing.  This gives our students recognition, which nurtures their self confidence, accountability and collective responsibility.  

Our class structure and class schedule are consistent, which provides certainty and familiarity in the students’ experience.  

We teach a varied curriculum, we add new methods which keeps students stimulated and enables them to learn.  Good effort, performance and improvement are well recognized at our school, which validates the students efforts, shows them that they are appreciated and acknowledged.  

Our school provides opportunities for students who want to be a part of our community and take the next step to provide a community service, which fulfills the student’s need for contribution.  

How will your teaching process be fun and keep my child or myself interested and motivated? 

We teach a varied curriculum, our instructors train consistently and new teaching methods are developed continuously, which stimulates students and enables them to learn in a fun and challenging environment. 

Will you help my child feel more confident and deal with bullies, without becoming one himself?

We teach confidence through checks and balances, students are given recognition and positive feedback for what they do well, as well as being addressed for their shortcomings, which teaches accountability.  These collective experiences build confidence and conviction – the main skills needed to avoid a bully. 

If at some point it is necessary, will I be able to defend myself?

Real life self defense techniques are a part of our curriculum.  We emphasize avoidance and conflict resolution, however our students are trained to use series of defensive techniques and tactics, which have been used successfully in real life self defense situations. 

Will I be comfortable with you and with the other students at the school?

We foster an environment of camaraderie and a sense of community.  Our instructors teach with compassion and commitment and take their art seriously. 

Will this be safe, or am I or my child at risk of being hurt?

As with any physical activity, there are inherent risks of injury.  We take safety very seriously and we use safe methods of teaching as well as protective equipment.  The progression of our curriculum prepares the students gradually for the more challenging techniques, which diminishes greatly the risk of injury.